How we work

Our work can generally be broken down into three categories: emergency service, regular maintenance, and large projects.

Emergency Service:

This is anything that can bring an office to a halt. Viruses, network or internet outages, and system crashes are a few of the things that can come out of nowhere. And when they do, you really need them fixed. This kind of work is usually prioritized above other jobs, and our response time is usually during the same day. Also, many systems can be set up for remote administration. This allows us to access and repair many problems immediately, without having to spend time travelling or rearranging schedules.

Regular Maintenance:

This would be work such as setting up a new computer, upgrading software, installing a printer, or just about anything that you can see coming and plan for. This kind of work is usually scheduled, and we are pretty flexible about when it can be performed. Some jobs are easier to do outside of regular office hours, and we can make that work, including nights and weekends. Many of these jobs can also be done remotely

Large Projects:

These are jobs that require a lot of planning, such as moving an entire office, replacing a server, or installing multiple computers. These jobs usually span multiple days, and can be quoted and billed differently than other jobs.


For regular and emergency work we bill hourly, and invoice at the end of the month. We donít bill for travel, but we do have a one hour minimum charge. If you just need some quick help on the phone, we generally extend that as a courtesy, and there is no charge.

Large projects can also be handled on an hourly basis, or can be quoted as a fixed project price.

All we sell is our service. Any hardware that we purchase for you will be handled as a pass through expense on the invoice, with no markup. For any larger purchases (computers, software, etc.) we can help you find the right product, and then assist you in purchasing it. We prefer this method, as it frees us up to find the best product for you. Also, since you purchased the product yourself, original ownership belongs to you, which can be helpful when it comes to service and warrantees.

If you have any further questions, or would like anything clarified about our services or billing, please feel free to contact us.